Getting Started:

1. Prospective clients recognize the need to sell unwanted items and contact Respectfully Yours. Clients need only to identify any personal items or items they wish to keep and mark them “not for sale” or remove them from the site.

2. Respectfully Yours schedules a complimentary on-site review to assess unique needs of the client and confirm our services satisfy those needs.

3. Respectfully Yours reviews the items and the sale site, completes a safety evaluation checklist, and conducts an initial security survey for camera and personnel placement to ensure our client’s items will be safe.

4. Respectfully Yours evaluates the items and prepares a customized proposal to conduct a sale for the client.


5. Once the client accepts our proposal, Respectfully Yours receives a key to the home to prepare for the sale.

6. Respectfully Yours arranges and obtains necessary permits to conduct the sale.

7. Respectfully Yours prepares the layout, traffic flow, equipment, and safety and security controls to facilitate the sale.

8. Respectfully Yours cleans, inventories, catalogs, and artfully stages items to make them attractive and inviting to customers. Any personal or confidential items found at this stage will be secured and returned to the client.

9. Respectfully Yours conducts research of unique items and prices items for sale based on appraisals, past sales data, and various databases.

10. Respectfully Yours markets the sale through extensive advertising on our company website, estatesales.net and estatesales.org, Facebook, our mailing list, garagesalefinder.com, and local media to attract customers for the sale.

Conducting the Sale:

11. Respectfully Yours posts professional directional signage in the neighborhood to guide customers to the sale.

12. Respectfully Yours provides staffing, security, equipment, supplies, and expertise to conduct the sale.

13. Respectfully Yours issues numbers to customers who arrive prior to the start time for access on a ‘first come’ basis and manages customer lines and traffic for an organized sales event.

14. Respectfully Yours makes announcements to customers in line prior to the sale start time to review our policies, ground rules, and procedures.

Concluding the Sale:

15. Respectfully Yours arranges for disposition of unsold items per our client’s instruction. Our client receives a receipt for any items donated to charity.

16. Respectfully Yours coordinates pickup and loading sold items with customers.

17. Respectfully Yours broom sweeps the house, returns the keys, and leaves the home ready for our client.

18. Respectfully Yours issues a check to the client for sales proceeds less commission within ten calendar days, along with receipts for all items included in the sale.