Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What should I do to prepare the home for you to have the sale?

A. Take the personal papers, photos, and heirlooms you want to keep. If there are items the family is not wanting to be sold, then those items must be tagged or removed before the sales agreement is signed. Don’t worry about throwing away or cleaning up; let us judge what we can market and sell. (Some clients are amazed at the items that have value and items we can sell!)


Q. What are some examples of the things you will sell?

A. We sell tools, furniture, jewelry, china, prints and artwork, toys, and pottery – essentially everything from the attic to the basement and the patio and garage! We will clean out closets and cupboards, pantries and cellars, pulling out everything that we can possibly sell… from the clothing hanging in the closet to the RV in the driveway, from pans in the pantry, to collectible canning jars in the cellar, from craft to Christmas - we will sell it!

Q. How will you organize the sale?

A. Respectfully Yours will sort, clean, declutter and organize from room to room, area to area. We bring in our own shelving, tables, display cases, and supplies to tastefully and artfully display items to enhance their appeal to buyers. Items will be priced individually, but we will categorize merchandise and stage together items of similar interest and appeal. Secured glass cases will hold and protect small items such as jewelry, coins, knives and other small collectibles. A staff member will be assigned to always be with these cases.

Q. Do you own a re-store or thrift store? Is there a conflict of interest?

A. We do not own a store nor consign to anyone. We strive to serve the customers who will visit our sales, while first and foremost, we focus and answer to the family that has hired us to help them in conducting the sale of their personal belongings. We recognize that it is critical to provide maximum value to you, while reducing stress and anxiety from this daunting task. We seek to bring complete satisfaction and gratification to you in completing the sale.


Q. What are your fees for running my sale?

A. Each sale is different. After meeting with the seller and reviewing the contents of the home, the condition of the personal property, and the amount of time and set up necessary to prepare for and conduct the sale, we will give you a percentage amount for our service. This percentage will be deducted from your gross sales proceeds, less Kentucky tax of 6%.

Q. Are there any up-front cost to me?

A. No, there is no money needed up front. We pay for the advertising, any permits or licensing your city may enforce, as well as the services of de-cluttering, pricing, tagging, organizing, holding the sale, and broom-sweeping floors at the close of the sale.

Q. If there are items that do not sell, will you take care of this and leave the house clear of personal items?

A. After the sale, any items not sold can be donated, taken by family, or sold to a liquidator. We can handle this at your discretion. You choose the option when you sign our contract/sales agreement.


Q. What payment types do you accept at the sale? How and when do I get paid?

A. Respectfully Yours will accept cash and major credit cards. We will charge the buyer a 4% convenience fee for using their card. Unlike many of our competing Estate Sale and Auction companies, we do not charge the buyer a 15% buyer’s premium. Rather than charging a buyer’s premium to increase our take from your sale, we ensure every dollar buyers bring with them to the sale can be used to buy your merchandise! Respectfully Yours will collect a 6% Kentucky sales tax from the buyer as required by law and forward the tax receipts to our state government. You will receive a check within 10 business days for gross sales, less the percentage agreed upon to be paid to Respectfully Yours for our services when the contract was signed.